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Church of Somero

Current church is 4th church in Somero. It is designed by G.Th. Chiewitz and was built from unplastered bricks in year 1859. The building is a rectangular church that represent early neogothic style. 

The oldest part of the grave yard is over 500 years old. There are also the final resting places of Rauli "Badding" Somerjoki and Unto Mononen, both were famous singers from Somero. From the grave yard you can also find the the oldest building in Somero, a stone sacristy from the 1490s.

Kirkkotie 1, 31400 Somero


Somerniemi congregation’s church stands on a beautiful location next to Painio lake. The current wooden church was built by a design of intendant office on year 1813. It is a towerless, straightforward rectangular church.

Somerniemen kirkkotie, 31470 Somerniemi


Somero is also known for its gorgeous manors and there are exceptionally many of them, 14 in total. The country manors in Somero are founded thanks to the historical Hämeen Oxroad which leads from Turku to Hämeenlinna. Somero is located in the midway of Oxroad. During their history, manors have entertained both Swedish and Russian courts. Most of the manors are in private properties but there are a few who welcome visitors.

Härkälä manor

Idyllic Härkälä Manor, the second oldest manor house in Somero, has been renovated honouring its' legacy. The oldest parts were built in the 1500s. The manor house displays different kinds of exhibitions, some of them are permanent. For example, you get to see  the owners’ Japan and China collections and the last polar bear of Finland.

You can request for tour in English by contacting owners in advance.

Härkälänkuja 33, 31400 Somero
phone +358 50 5706 226

www.harkalankartano.fi (fi, eng)

Hovila manor

Hovila manor was founded in 1611 and the current main building was built in 1841. Interesting exhibitions and events are held in the manor every summer. Top floor of old stone barn is also spacious area for quality exhibition ‘Muistojen kultaa ja nuoruuden hurmaa’. The exhibition shows what it was like to live in Finland during the 50s and the 60s.

By contacting matron of the manor in advance you can reserve tour in English.

Helsingintie 604, 31640 Somero
phone +358 50 3581 600

www.hovilankartano.fi (fi)

Seeteri Country Manor

Manor rents four star cabins and is in great favor of foreign travelers.
The main building is in private use but the grounds are excellent
for exploration as is the close-by SeeteriSport track.

More of accomdations:
Helsingintie 956, 31400 Somero
phone +358 2 7483 565

www.seeteri.fi (fi)

Villa reservations: Lomarengas Oy


Somerniemi Summer Marketplace

– only during summer


Somerniemi Summer Marketplace is a phenomenon. During summer Saturdays there are several hundreds of sellers and several thousands of visitors every week. And all this in the middle of the countryside! Shop fresh vegetables and berries or find some treasures from the flea market area. The Summer Marketplace is also a traditional place to meet neighbors and friends. From Tori-Aitta you can find the travel info of Somero. Tori-Aitta is open during the marketplace Saturdays.

Helsingintie 1515, 31470 Somerniemi
phone +358 50 5008 092

www.somerniemi.fi (fi)

Castle Hiidenlinna and adventure park Sisumetsä 

– only during summer


Hiidenlinna is a totally unique medieval style stone castle designed and built by a local artist Reino Koivuniemi. The building was completed in the 1990s and the ground around it  holds many handmade art pieces and curious details. The castle is owned by a former downhill skier Sami Uotila

Around the unique area is also freshly built adventure park Sisumetsä where you can challenge yourself and your friends on various levels of adventure tracks that include cable sliding, climbing and even Tarzan leap! Safety harness guarantee 100 % safety even though adventures happen high on trees. You can find open terrace built 5 meters above ground level and suspension bridges connected to lookouts. Totally unique suspension bridges are on just their own exciting adventure for seniors and those who aren’t excited about balancing on cables. Also Hiidenlinna holds Ski Museum, Hiidenpolku for children and tavern style café with outside terrace. You can also pick souveniers from gift shop and admire the changing art exhibitions.

Hiidenharjuntie 61, 31470 Somerniemi
phone +358 600 418 704

www.hiidenlinna.com (fi, eng)

Horoscope park and summer cafe Villa Tauro

– only during summer

Villa Tauro offers swish of history and personal moments. Emphatize with your own and your friends horoscopes in the amusement park, dance on the Horoscope ball and familiarize with plant that is named after you in Astrological garden.  From the Summer cafe you can find different kinds of cakes and astrological analyzes. The Gift shop is a place to visit for souvenirs. Villa Tauro is open only during the summer season.

Hirveläntie 2, 31400 Somero
phone +358 40 5020 331 and +358 40 5385 048

www.english.huvilaharka.fi (fi, eng)


– only during summer

The kiosk was originally held by the parents of Somerjoki family. Their son Rauli "Badding" Somerjoki (1947-1987) was a famous singer and songwriter. When Badding was young, he used to work there as well, or just spend some time. Nowadays the kiosk is one of the most well-known attractions in Somero and an important place for the Badding fans. The Badding fans from near and far travell to Somero in memory of their idol.

Helsingintie 925, 31460 Hirsjärvi
phone +358 50 5216 673

www.someronyrittajat.fi (en)

Badding Bus Stop

Along the main road there is another memorial monument for Rauli "Badding" Somerjoki. The monument is made to look like a bus stop and it is located right next to Kiiruu Park. Come and take a selfie with a 2 meter tall Badding figure.

Kiiruuntie 2, 31400 Somero

Saunahouse Pellavankukka

Have you experienced the Finnish sauna yet?

How would it sound to bath in a historical log sauna and then dive into an old fashioned bathing tub? Or maybe even into a clear pond? Saunahouse Pellavankukka offers fantastic grounds for the traditional Finnish sauna experience. After the sauna you can relax in the cottage with your friends and delicious food. You can rent the saunahouse for groups. Food and drinks by order.


Katjoentie 11, 31400 Somero
phone +358 40 7771 837 and +358 40 7771 546

www.pellavankukka.fi (fi)


The first dairy in Somero has gotten a new life as an art center. The dairy was built in 1905. Kivimeijeri is along the historical Oxroad and there are interesting exhibitions and courses during every summer. Thick stone walls offer a creative environment for artists and friends of art.

Turuntie 1034, 31520 Somero
phone +358 45 2016 099

www.someronkivimeijeri.fi (fi)


Somero offers also some great theater experiences. Somerniemi Music Theater and Someron Tupanäyttämö are performing theater during the summer time and Myötätuuli Theater both in summer and winter time.

somerniemi Music Theater

Koivulankulmantie 1, 31470 Somerniemi
www.somerniemenmusiikkiteatteri.fi (fi)

SOMERon tupanäyttämö

Havuharjuntie 23, 31400 Somero
www.somerontupanayttamo.fi (fi)

myötätuuli theater

Havuharjuntie 23, 31400 Somero
www.myotatuuli.org (fi)


There are many museums to visit in Somero. Would you like to know more about the culture heritage of Somero? Are you interested in historical buildings, old machines or handicrafts? Or maybe you are a fan of old tractors?


Torppamuseo is in downtown Somero, along the Oxroad. There are 13 buildings in the museum yard and they have been built between the 1700s and the 1800s. The buildings were moved to the museum yard between the years 1955-1964.

Museotie 1, 31400 Somero

www.someroseura.fi (fi)

Mäkilä Tractor Museum

An impressive collection of old tractors in Pyöli village. There are over 100 tractors all in working condition and in addition other old farming tools. A true dream destination for motor enthusiasts.  

Käriläntie 10, Pyöli
phone +358 2 7481 137 and +358 40 7240 044

www.makilantraktorimuseo.fi (fi)


The museum of agricultural tools. Those tools were too new to the museum yard of Torppamuseo so got their own place right from neighbour. Peltotyökalumuseo is on the other side of The Oxroad than Torppamuseo.

Turuntie 8, 31400 Somero

www.someroseura.fi/museot/peltotyokalumuseo (fi)


These two granaries got a new life as a museum. 

Härkäläntie 3, 31400 Somero

www.someroseura.fi/museot/pitajanmakasiinit (fi)


Savenvalajamuseo is a workshop that was changed to a museum after the potter Kalle Männistö passed away in 1974. The workshop is in original condition and it honours the Kultela villages old pottery traditions.

Hämeen Härkätie 227, 31400 Somero

www.someroseura.fi/museot/savenvalajamuseo (fi)


Sauhutupa is a one roomed house built from logs. The big oven without a chimney kept people warm and it was also used for drying meat and grains.

Varkaanniituntie 169, 31400 Somero

www.someroseura.fi/museot/sauhutupa (fi)



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