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Somero in a nutshell


Somero has 8919 inhabitants. 256 of them are foreign.


Rauli Badding Somerjoki, singer, song writer
Unto Mononen, tango song writer
Pentti Nikula, pole-vaulter
M.A. Numminen, musician, cultural generalist
Kaari Utrio, author
Kai Linnilä, author
Helvi Hämäläinen, poet
Kaija Aarikka, jewel artist
Risto Rasa, poet
Heikki Paakkanen, comic artist
Liisa Vitali, jewel artist
Markku Toikka, actor, stage comedian
Minna Nikkanen, pole-vaulter


Landscape in Somero varies from gravel eskers to wheat fields and from forested dales to water ways along Paimio river. Häntälä Hollows are hollows created by the river bed remnants of Uskela river during ice age. At the steepest points the river beds can fall down by 30 meters.


There are some 1100 businesses in Somero.
The single largest employer is Laukamo company with 170 employees.


Somero has great amount of free time services compared to its size: swimming hall, multifunctional hall, youth site, indoor ice rink, horseback riding center, Hovimäki free time center, library, movie theater, culture center, turf field for football, bowling alley, motorsport track.
Culture services in Somero are outsourced to Someron Kulttuuri society and sport services to Someron Liikunta society.


The most remarkable sights and destinations to visit in Somero are Hovila and Härkälä manors, Somerniemi Summer Marketplace, Hiidenlinna castle, Häntälä Hollows, Badding kiosk Paradise, Croft Museum, Mäkilä Tractor Museum, Kärsälä Rosegreden and Horoscope Park Villa Tauro.


Annual events are Ruokava fest, Suviheinä Weeks, Somerniemi Summer Marketplace, Pole Carneval, Ol Hollil event, Burning Clay event, Street Dances right at the heart of the town and Somero Soikoon music fest.
In the summer Ämyri and Esakallio dances, during winter Teeriharju dances. Summer theaters include Somerniemi Music Theater, Someron Tupanäyttämö and Myötätuuli
Theater. During summer there are art exhibitions in Kiiruun tila, manors and Somero stone dairy.


Hentta and henttaloora, potato casserole dish
Piapo, Finnish finely milled flour mixture made out of dark oats


Surface Area
698 km2

8 919 (2017)

Income tax rate 19,5