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About Somero

Somero is an ideal small town in the middle of the busiest Finland. Somero is homely and offers excellent environment for safe living. The town is economically strong and balanced and can therefor can provide working efficient basic services. Commercial services are great, villages are active, culture and sports possibilities thrive.

At Somero you can choose your way of living matching your current needs. The town offers rental apartments from both apartment buildings and row houses. You can fulfill your dream and build your own home by the lake in the town center or settle down in the peace and quiet of the country side. Living is also affortable in Somero.

There are elementary schools in most villages and a brand new highschool building in the town center. The closest vocational schools are in Salo and Forssa. Universities in Helsinki, Turku and Tampere locate almost inside the 100km radius around Somero. Local adult education center provides general education and open university studies.

Somero has its own health center and public and private nursing homes.

The amount of entrepreneurs in Somero is large in regards to the number of inhabitants. Services are versatile and allmost everything you need can be found in own town. You can do your business without hurry and parking problems. You will also get personal service.

The economy consists of metal-, electronic-, construction- and commerce industries. Somero is a vital and significant country town. 



Surface Area
698 km2

8 919 (2017)

Income tax rate 19,5